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During a fill, new extensions will be applied to the natural lashes that have shed the extensions. Any extensions that appear grown out will be removed and new extensions will be applied in their place. Note* The client may request to change their lash extension length, curl, or style at any time. If desired to change your look, your technician will apply only to the natural lashes and keep the extensions that are still in place.

A lash fill can be done 1, 2, or 3 weeks after your previous appointment to maintain fullness. These appointments take anywhere from 30 minutes - 60 minutes, depending on the type of fill you book and your lash artist.

*One Week Fill is done within 7-8 days of your previous appointment.
*Two Week Fill is done within 14 days of your previous appointment.
*Extended Fill is done within 3-4 weeks of your previous appointment.

(Please keep in mind to book appropriately based on your retention. For each fill is based on the time it should approximately take for that appointment) 

Note: Please arrive to your lash appointment on time and with clean lashes. This means absolutely NO eye makeup, no lotions, and no moisturizers. It is imperative that we work on a clean surface to ensure your lashes have best retention possible. After care requires you not to shower or get your lashes wet for 12-24 hours after your service. Our team of professionals will also go over maintenance for your lash extensions.


1 week fill: $35
2 week fill: $55
3 week fill: $70


1 week fill: $40
2 week fill: $65
3 week fill: $80


1 week fill: $45
2 week fill: $70
3 week fill: $85
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